Meet The Team

Established in the year 2020, CartUp AI is an e-commerce AI SaaS company that enables retail companies to achieve immediate e-commerce sales growth through powerful AI. 

Arvind Rapaka

CEO & President

Our Advisors

Charu Rudrakshi

Dhairya Shrivastava

Antoine Brouwer

Our Mission

CartUp AI’s mission is to democratize e-commerce intelligence by giving roughly 22 million merchants access to world-class technologies that are traditionally held only by the largest organizations. Our solutions are uniquely built to deliver magical digital experiences to convert shoppers  to buyers. We’re passionate about building simple yet powerful solutions that modern commerce requires.

Our platform connects deep customer data with deep product data, enabling brands to deliver incredible commerce experiences through personalized products and content across all digital touch points.  In simple words, we are customer obsessed.


Our culture is the key to our success. We build the  culture by making sure every new member of the team believes in our values: Truth, Own and customer-obsessed.

Our Values

Customer Obsession

We exist to delight you as our customers. We exist to provide your shoppers with the best experience on your e-commerce site.

Seek to Understand

We delight you by listening carefully to you in our sales process to truly understand your situation and objectives.

Highest Standards

We hold ourselves accountable to ensure we deliver exceptional results – we tweak our algorithms to perfectly fit your needs.

Earn Trust

We strive to be honest and will have regular customer-success interactions with you and your team throughout your journey.

Pursue Happiness

We will partner with you. Handhold you throughout the integration and the first experiences with our solution.

High Bar

Simply put, when you sign up with us, we’re in this together, and we’re in this to make you succeed. And our whole organization exists to make you succeed!

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