CartUp AI launches AI-based recommendations app for Shopify

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CartUp AI, the Silicon Valley-based e-commerce personalization company, has launched its AI-based product recommendation technology on the Shopify app store. A downloadable app is available as a plugin for Shopify e-commerce platform users. It enables Shopify-based e-tailers to dramatically improve conversions and average order value. Almost 2 million merchants use the Shopify e-commerce platform to power their online presence.

CartUp AI was founded in 2020 and has established itself as an innovator in personalization technology for the e-commerce industry. Until this point, CartUp AI’s recommendation technology was only available to enterprise clients. By releasing the product on the Shopify app store, the company provides this cutting-edge personalization technology to a much wider audience.

According to Gartner and other sources, the worldwide e-commerce ad spend in 2020 was $58 billion in 2020, often with very little return. 85% of the merchants using recommendation technologies are unhappy with the conversion rates achieved. CartUp AI addresses this problem using AI-based recommendation technologies developed in-house.

This is the first app that CartUp AI has released for an e-commerce platform. The app synthesizes shoppers’ data such as browsing patterns and purchase history with product data, to offers up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with great precision. These recommendations leads to increased average order values and conversion rates.

Unlike many other recommendation technologies that run on collaborative and rules-based filters, CartUp AI recommendation technology uses the full power of deep learning, in addition to machine learning, to generate hyper-personalized recommendations. The algorithms are self-learning and improve over time with more data, leading to ever more effective recommendations.

CartUp AI’s recommendation app deploys into any Shopify store with a click of a button, replicating the existing themes of the shop. The merchant gets full control over the implementation, with the ability of switching on and configuring additional features. An intuitive dashboard informs the merchant of the performance of each deployed recommendation algorithm.

Pricing has been set at affordable levels so that Shopify e-tailers will generate additional margin many times higher than the monthly pricing. Pricing starts from $30 a month, with further levels based on data usage and features included.

CartUp AI Upsell & Cross sell – Boost conversion & traffic – AI-based 1:1 recommendations | Shopify App Store

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