A headless e-commerce intelligence platform to power magical customer experiences

Headless commerce intelligence  is the future of omnichannel commerce digital experience. With our suite of e-commerce intelligence APIs you power all of your sales channels and drive growth. This lets you scale commerce and adopt agile practices that are necessary to create personalized shopping experiences anywhere.

Customize without limits with OUR HEADLESS PLATFORM

In a world where every device is a potential sales channel for your business, the ability to empower your shoppers with personalized content delivery on all the channels is crucial to revenue growth. With CartUp AI, our simple integrated APIs platform gives you the full potential of a best-in-class online retail experience on any shopper’s touchpoints.

Customize Your Way

CartUp AI is developed to give e-commerce platform an easy way to customize, without requiring an in-house army of engineers or costly consultants. You integrate with any of your sales channels in hours.

Serverless & Scalable

No servers No hassles. CartUp AI personalized recommendations combine the power of a unified shopper and product profile with the speed and scale of AI and predictive decisions in real-time.

One set of APIs - One Experience

Shoppers browse multiple channels before buying a product. They expect consistent experiences. With our APIs, you can build experiences to support omnichannel commerce. Developers can also implement the agile design by creating reusable design components and using one set of data and APIs for every channel.


As you put the shoppers at the center of the organizational vision, CartUp AI Commerce delivers winning experiences at speed and scale. The research team at CartUp AI makes fundamental contributions to the field of AI/ML that has benefits in practice. The precision of our algorithms is constantly validated and optimized to the retailer’s context, driving the defined customer engagement, experience, and revenue metrics.

Your Site. Your Way!!!

Headless commerce works by decoupling the presentation layer from the back-end infrastructure that enables the e-commerce experience. The decoupled architecture gives you more flexibility over the shopper experience  and stays ahead of their expectations. CartUp AI headless commerce intelligence allows a consistent personalized experience across all the shopper’s channels.

Maximizing Headless Commerce

As new channels arise and get their share of audiences, headless commerce lets your company pivot quickly and share content, market, and sell on these emerging platforms using APIs. For instance, aside from your website, apps, social media channels, and third-party platforms, you can include voice assistants and smart watches and home devices. With this setup, your teams only need to design customer experiences for emerging channels while pulling product and customer information from a unified backend.

Deploying an omnichannel strategy keeps you top-of-mind for your target audience and fires up their interest until they’re ready to buy from you. Moreover, it gives you multiple ways to keep in touch with and present offers to your past or existing clients.

Seamlessly manage your digital shopper’s experience with an all-in-one platform.