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We unleash artificial intelligence (AI) for retailers across digital e-commerce channels to deliver captivating experiences. All critical functions are pre-built, easily integrated, and SaaS-based. Accelerate your transition to true personalization with CartUp AI.

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The digital revolution is disrupting the retail industry with personalization as the pivotal force. A strong digital presence demands personalized experiences. To make this happen, knowing the customer’s preferences, intent and context are key. CartUp AI provides innovative solutions for retailers to execute personalization in real-time, dynamically, in scale, and across digital channels.

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CartUp AI is and remains in front of the personalization pack. Our team focuses every day on making the most advanced technologies accessible for midsize retailers, so they can stay in front of their competitor’s pack. Artificial intelligence augmented reality, virtual reality and many more next-generation technologies are entering the e-commerce arena. 

Our pre-built solutions leveraging these technologies, enable retailers to grasp new growth opportunities with precision and pace. Unburdening retailers from costly technical discovery and deployment initiatives and having an immediate impact on customer experience, loyalty and conversion rates. 


Personalization Product Discovery Suite

Customers deserve personalized digital experiences, let's provide it

Personalized Search, Personalised Search

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Turn visitors into returning customers with a personalized suggestion that visitors buy.


We offer personalized facetted search functionality that increases revenue.

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Personalized ML algorithms give merchants an edge to sell more and provide the best experiences while saving money and improving shopper loyalty.

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CartUp AI has been proven to increase your sales volume with double digits.


Typically, you're spending top dollar to attract visitors, either by Google or Facebook ads.

Our product recommendation widgets will increase average order values.

We offer a complete suite of personalization modules. Our widgets will offer compelling recommendations.

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Our widget types determine the sort of product recommendations that are exposed on the e-commerce site. Currently we have fifteen widget types. Most widgets promote a multiple product purchase session to uplift the average basket value (e.g. the cross sell/bundle widget). The widgets can be placed on any site page and are configured to fit the retailer’s branding. The retailer can filter categories or products and adapt browsing events with ease in our console. No coding needed.

CartUp AI is the e-commerce NEW conversion

Artificial Intelligence Platform

 To reason like humans, machines must grasp all facets of user behavior context, which was not possible until now. At CartUp AI, we are innovating

CartUP AI threaded through the complete merchandising cycle automates, augments, and amplifies. All managed through a modernized, easy-to-use UI.

A world of difference lies between detecting user behavior and true intent in real-time.

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