AI-powered personalized search improves conversion with double digits

Why good search matters

Good search matters. A poor search experience causes bounces that customers will remember. Our search module will increase customer experience, shorten the journey to the shopping cart and boost your KPIs. Your customer will find the products that he is looking for easier and faster. It will address your customer’s explicit needs as well as latent ones. Important features of what we offer include: understanding the customer intent regardless of typos or the use of synonyms.

Search results are personalized, and aligned to the brands, colours, and (thousands) of other preferences that we know of your customer, whether he is logged in or not. Products that provide higher margins or are known to convert well can be pushed up in search results. And our module includes advanced techniques like category-adapted filtering (so-called “faceting”).

The flexible AI-powered personalized search & discovery

Deliver what your customers want every time

  • Understands just like a real human
  • Corrects spelling mistakes and typos
  • Recognizes synonyms automatically
  • Delivers best-in-class navigation
Automatically recognize customer search intent and context with special characters, measurements, attributes, modifiers, and categories with faceted search.

Deliver the correct search result every time even when searchers misspell or create innocent typos with intelligent autocorrect.

Built-in synonym detection across multiple languages enables you to provide relevant search results that otherwise would not have been shown.

Create the best user experience simply by adding custom UX blocks with any product attribute you would like for easy filtering to narrow down search (or category) results.

Understand the search query

Our engine applies Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning techniques to infer the context of the query, include synonyms in the query, and correct typos.

Personalized search results

Conversion is further maximized by personalizing search results and applying neural networks to deduce relevant visitor attributes based on the individual browsing history.

Push based on your strategy

Search results are further prioritized based on algorithms and signals that you can choose, such as maximizing margin, or pushing sponsored articles.​

Enable filtered and faceted search

Search experience is further enhanced by allowing the visitor to filter the search results based on relevant product or category features.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

How our AI-powered personalized search engine works

Our personalized search engine uses ML, neural networks and NLP to decode human language to understand customers’ intent accurately, correct typos and suggest products or product categories for personalized search results. This leads to higher conversion, customer engagement and customer loyalty.

Our AI-powered personalized search module enhances customer experience, shortens the journey to the cart and boosts your results

personalized recommendations

Higher conversion rates and revenues

Your customers will find what they need, quickly. It will take them fewer clicks to find what they are looking for and put it in the cart. Search results are tailored to personal preferences. This all-boosts conversion and revenue.

Improved customer loyalty

Search engine is the first contact between you and the customer. Most customers instantly go to the search engine to find what they want. If they do not find what they are looking for, they bounce from your website and never return. Our personalized AI-powered search engine understands the customer (latent) intent and returns relevant results leads to returning customers.

Maximising return on ad spend (ROAS)

Clicking on an ad will lead to a landing page, where your visitor will find a selection of goods, related to what he's looking for, personalized to individual preferences.