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To be successful, retailers must personalise their customer’s experiences. To make this happen, knowing the customer’s preferences, intent and context are key.

How AI powered recommendations can increase  your online store sales by 30%

If you would like to know more about our AI-based personalized recommendations, site search and review insights and want to know more about how we can help you scale your e-commerce store. Then the simplest thing to do is to book a demo with us.
Why book a demo with us?
  • Clarity on why your visitors are not returning back to your site.
  • Insight on how to turn visitors into buying customers.
  • Finally, an expert’s opinion about your product recommendations, site search and product reviews.
We thank our partner Target Internet for the interactive podcast. Target internet is an e-learning hub for digital marketer across the world. 
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Selecting a recommendation system

Choosing a good recommendations system can be confusing, given that there are so many companies offering these services. There are many considerations to identify the
Delightful e-commerce search

Delightful e-commerce search converts better

Delightful e-commerce search converts better! Search is becoming increasingly important within e-commerce. Your visitors are not only looking for products; they also use the search