Building the future of digital commerce
Creating cutting-edge 1:1 digital experiences requires deep insights into your products and shoppers. We want to help you to make full use of our AI so that you're set up for winning from day zero. From our products to platforms, we ensure that the benefits of AI are accessible to every merchant across the world.

We are working on problems that define the commerce technology of today and tomorrow.

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Commerce Experience

As merchants put the shoppers at the center of the organizational vision, the CartUp AI Commerce delivers winning experiences at speed and scale. The research team at CartUp AI makes fundamental contributions to the field of AI/ML that has benefits in practice. The areas we have been focusing on include automated machine learning, meta-learning, data augmentation, and deep learning optimization to deliver the magical shopper’s experience in real-time.

Intelligence for future

Explore data and gain new insights from every single shopper touch point. Our multi-task learning, Cross-scenario AI Models can unify customer data from various data sources.  

Using computer vision (CNNs, GANs and Attention etc.) and NLU (Transformers etc.), we understand profoundly the micro features and concepts of your products.

Understanding content surrounding your product has a profound effect on shoppers. Our Neural Transformers gain insights into products based on reviews,  descriptions etc.

Shopper's Data Platform (SDP)

In today’s experience economy, shoppers expect brands to know them and consistently deliver authentic, helpful experiences. The CartUp, AI SDP enables merchants to solve chronic shopper data fragmentation and gain the intelligence needed to orchestrate experiences across all their brand touchpoints.


Meta-learning is a sub-field of machine learning that aims to teach models how to learn. Our service uses principles of meta-learning to create robust models on a small number of training examples.

First Order Learning

we are working on preserving expert knowledge by developing hybrid systems that combine logic rules with neural nets.

Deep learning in Action

Transfer Learning

By using transfer learning, we enable organizations to train models in a simulated environment and apply them in the real world.

Data Augmentation

we are innovating on the state-of-the-art GAN algorithms that can perform well on noisy and incomplete datasets.

Headless commerce intelligence

Headless commerce intelligence is the future of omnichannel commerce. With our suite of e-commerce intelligence APIs, you can power a magical digital experience on any of your sales channels. This lets you scale commerce and adopt agile practices that are necessary to create personalized shopping experiences anywhere.

With CartUp AI, RESTful APIs complement every new platform feature for maximum flexibility and options for extensibility. Our AI and composable units  make this possible.

Shoppers browse multiple channels before buying a product and expect consistent experiences across these channels. Developers can implement the agile design by creating reusable design components and using one set of data and APIs for every channel.

Seamless Integration

Within minutes, integrate seamlessly with any ecommerce technology compared to weeks/months.

Our technology integrates with your ecommerce technology by leveraging your existing IT assets and utilize business processes more fully.

Powered through scale and precision

Moving away from sequential thinking!

Current deep learning techniques routinely fail to scale. Organizations are then forced to use classical machine learning techniques. At CartUp AI, we are actively pursuing research areas that will enable training and inference at scale.