CartUp AI is designed to optimize your revenue in weeks

Drive sales with CartUp's Generative AI-powered shopping experience.

Step 1

Launch - Liftoff in 15 minutes

Onboard from whatever you eCommerce platform is  and wherever your shoppers are: online, marketplace, and everywhere in between.

Step 2

Configure & Customize Once

Once configured, our Generative AI constantly learns from your shoppers and products and how they are related. It optimizes while you are asleep.

Step 3

Track Performance

Real-time analytics help you understand and monitor your business in 360°

CartUp AI Impacts your business Faster. We Can Prove It.

  • Merchants can create a product discovery experience that shows customers the right product, every time. Deliver the fastest ROI with a solution powered by Generative AI.
CartUp AI

Accelerate your transition to true personalization using Generative AI using CartUp AI.

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