Beyond Browsing: An AI-Powered Agent Guiding Every Purchase.

Accelerate your shopper conversion using Generative AI.

Meet our shopper-first AI Personal Agent -  Drive more sales

That’s right. From discovering products to checking out—and more—you can support and engage your shopper with one single window.

Product Discovery

Captivating prompts that engage your visitors throughout their purchase journey, driven by AI and tailored to their browsing behaviour

Intent Matching 

Go beyond basic match with your shoppers’ intent. Propose most relevant personalized experience.

Revenue Acceleration

Gain 20%+ profit growth
on every shopper visit.

Combine all your discovery services under one interface - Personal agents.

  • Connect no-code AI agent to your order management software, reviews, search , and recommendations, to deliver personalized CX that facilitates action across the shopper's journey.

What about after sales support?

  • Burnout is bad for your agents and bad for your business. AI can now assist and augment your team, helping them to resolve problems with less effort and in less time.

Sales Growth That Keeps Growing


Increase in AOV


Increase in Conversion


Increase in Basket Size


Decrease in Bounce Rate

GPT trained on your products and shopper's data

  • Our LLMs automatically gets trained on your store including orders, products, reviews and your shopper behavior.

A single, powerful, easy-to-use Shopper Platform

GPT-4 powered AI agents scale on demand to help you handle more requests faster so you can ditch ‘deflection’ and ‘containment’ KPIs and, instead, embrace ‘resolution’ as the ultimate mark of success.

Helps buy with confidence 

our AI personal agent, uses the most sophisticated AI technology to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve customer questions and reduce your team’s ticket volume instantly.

An AI Agent you can trust

Built-in safeguards ensure our AI personal agent answers questions based solely on your support content. No misleading answers. No off-topic conversations.

Zero party targeting

We relate with shopper shared data and ranks products higher that converts.

Effective Personalization in a Cookie-less and AI-Automation Era

With third party cookies disappearing, what you really need? With CartUp AI, you are covered

First party data 

First party data comes straight from your shoppers. Our AI understand the shopper intent from first party data.

Realtime in-session personalization

In realtime, we connect right products with your shopper intent.

Zero party targeting

We relate with shopper shared data and ranks products higher that converts.

CartUp AI impact faster with Generative AI.
We can Prove It.

Our philosophy is simple — our numbers should speak for itself.


Before CartUp AI, we used to assemble bundles manually. CartUp AI provided us with automated bundles and recommendations for all our pages. Conversion has gone up, and a lot of time has been freed up in our team."

Mariska Buiter

E-Commerce Manager

Guide Shoppers Along the Path to Purchase

Our solutions help you create relevant experiences for every customer and buyer — at every stage of the shopping journey.

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