Our Mission

To help merchants build amazing shopping experiences with great agility and speed

Shopping experience is everything. But these days, digital disruption requires organizations to not only be innovative but also agile. Often hindered by inadequate tech stacks, a lack of resources, and insufficient in- house expertise, for many, the dream of delivering more tailored interactions is never fully actualized.


Meet our team

Arvind Rapaka

CEO & Founder

Srikanth Tirupathi


Matt Carlson


Meet our Advisors

Sonal Puri

Charu Rudrakshi


Dhairya Shrivastava

Brian Krause


Our mission

With our integrated CRM, project management, collaboration and invoicing capabilities, you can manage every aspect of your business in one secure platform.

Customer Obsession

We exist to delight you as our customers. We exist to provide your shoppers with the best experience on your e-commerce site.

Seek to Understand

We delight you by listening carefully to you in our sales process to truly understand your situation and objectives.

Highest Standards

We hold ourselves accountable to ensure we deliver exceptional results – we tweak our algorithms to perfectly fit your needs.

Earn Trust

We strive to be honest and will have regular customer-success interactions with you and your team throughout your journey.

Pursue Happiness

We will partner with you. Handhold you throughout the integration and the first experiences with our solution.

High Bar

Simply put, when you sign up with us, we’re in this together, and we’re in this to make you succeed. And our whole organization exists to make you succeed!