Shopping Co-pilot

Smart Shopping Made Simple: Introducing Carty!

Increase sales and delight your shoppers with state of the art AI, personalized for your shoppers

Embrace the future of retail: CartUp AI's Co-Pilot

From product discovery to sales and beyond, enhance every step of your shopper online journey.

Product discovery

Carty uses your preferences to guide you to personalized suggestions, tailored just for you.


Share your plans with Carty, get tailored product suggestions for the perfect occasion.

Returns & Exchanges

Chat with Carty for step-by-step guidance, providing human-like support for easy returns and exchanges.

Order status

No product IDs needed! Carty uses your purchase history for instant updates on order status and delivery details.

Carty vs Regular Chatbots...

  • While regular chatbots rely on siloed functions and deflection tactics, CartUp AI's Co-pilot combines generative intelligence and personalization, serving as your ultimate shopping co-pilot from start to finish.

Behind the Magic: How Carty works?

  • Unlike traditional chatbots, Carty is designed for eCommerce success. It understands intent, builds intricate customer personas, learns from the product catalog, and optimizes every step for conversion.