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Drive more conversions and boost average order value with Generative AI Recommendations.

10x better conversion with Generative AI 

CartUp AI achieves exceptional conversions and boosts revenue significantly, even at an enterprise scale. Our platform utilizes advanced Large Language Models (LLM), the same cutting-edge technology powering ChatGPT. Moreover, CartUp AI takes it a step further with hyper-scale personalization, continuously learning from user interactions to elevate Shopify product recommendations, ultimately driving higher e-commerce Average Order Value (AOV).


Our AI constantly adpats to shopper needs and place the right products.

Show you understand your shoppers

Intent aware CartUp AI personalization capability combines insights of your product catalog with shopper behavior patterns, in real-time.

Scales to millions of SKUs

Showing products to a search query won't work - they can't relate. With our AI, we understand shopper intent to build a journey.

Upselling & Cross-selling

With our AI, we deliver personalized shopping experiences that make upselling and cross-selling easy

Stay one step ahead with CartUp AI's Shopify recommender

  • With CartUp AI, you can enable deep learning recommendations that understand customer intent in real-time.

Guide at every step of your shopper journey

  • Show the most relevant to your shopper based on where they are in their journey – from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

Enhance your Shopify store's customer journey with Dynamic Recommendations

  • It's time to shift the focus onto creating memorable experiences with CartUp AI's Shopify Upsell & Cross-sell app that builds real, high-lifetime-value relationships with your shoppers.

Zero Code - Out of the box features

Our AI-powered personalized recommendation module enhances customer experience, shortens the journey to the cart and boosts your results


20+ Recommendation Types

Unlock the power of our preconfigured recommenders to ensure relevance at every step of your shopper's journe


Real time

Get a complete sales dashboard in the cloud. See activity, revenue and social metrics all in one place.


Context Aware

Our calendar lets you know what is happening with customer and projects so you


Constantly Learning

Swiftly adjusts and continuously refreshes recommendations to stay aligned with the latest trends and seasonal changes


Easy setup

Experience seamless integration with CartUp AI's Shopify recommendation tool – install and set it up with just one click for effortless optimization


and more ...

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