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Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with the premier search and discovery solution from Gen AI

Simplify product and boost sales the second you launch

An Advanced Shopify & Shopify Plus Search App Trusted by Global eCommerce Sites

Improve Shopify search conversions, click through rate, and order value

Engage your shoppers

AI-ranking automatically optimizes your search results for relevance.

Show you understand your shoppers

Intent aware CartUp AI personalization capability combines insights of your product catalog with shopper behavior patterns, in real-time.

Get Answers to queries

Showing products to a search query won't work - they can't relate. With our AI, we understand shopper intent to build a journey.

Assist your shoppers

With our AI, we deliver personalized shopping experiences that make shoppers feel understood from the first search.


Seamless integration to your Shopify instance

Our AI-powered personalized search module enhances customer experience, shortens the journey to the cart and boosts your results


Query Suggestions

Your shoppers will find what they need, quickly.


Query Intent

Our AI infer the context of the query, include synonyms in the query, and correct typos.


Personalized Search Results

Conversion is further maximized by personalizing search results


Dynamic Faceting

Our AI displays to the shopper a different set of facets depending on the shopper’s intent.


Easy setup

Quick install and No Code required


and more ...

Support 100+ languages, promotions, rules etc...

Search that shows your shoppers you understand them 

  • Harness your data to deliver a personalized experience at every touchpoint

Sales Growth That Keeps Growing


Increase in AOV


Increase in Conversion


Increase in Basket Size


Decrease in Bounce Rate

CartUp AI Impacts your business Faster. We Can Prove It.

  • Merchants can create a product discovery experience that shows customers the right product, every time. Deliver the fastest ROI with a solution powered by Generative AI.

Find faster with our Generative AI Shopify Search App

  • CartUp AI Generative AI understands intent. So whatever your shoppers search — exact terms or free-form expressions — they can find what they’re looking for.

Before working with CartUp AI, our bounce rate was 65%. After working with CartUp AI for six months, it's improved to 30% and still dropping

Mark Bannink

E-Commerce Manager

Guide Shoppers Along the Path to Purchase

Our solutions help you create relevant experiences for every customer and buyer — at every stage of the shopping journey.

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